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News Spotlights

Metropreneur: Family Mentor Foundation Launches Social Enterprise Mee Box

“If a child can’t make sense of his or her environment through the simple act of labeling their feelings, they create a story about what’s wrong with them. Not only did I observe this as an educator, I experienced it first hand with my own kids." Find out how the Family Mentor Foundation's Mee Box will help children learn about their emotions

Columbus Underground

Columbus Underground Focus on Philanthropy: Family Mentor Foundation fights food insecurity.

"Ten years of teaching middle schoolers will offer an experience unlike any other. For Kari Vernon, it opened her up to the unique struggles of food insecure children, inspiring her to start the Family Mentor Foundation (FMF), a local nonprofit fighting food insecurity in eight schools around Columbus and Worthington." Read the full article:


Ohio Education Association

Learn about Family Mentor Foundation in the Ohio Education Association's April 2016 magazine, "Working with the Family Mentor Foundation, central Ohio educators help meet students' nutrition needs". Thank you OEA and all the educators who help us meet the unmet needs of children in our community!

Read the full OEA article here:


Columbus Parent: Buddy Bags, a program to combat hunger in our schools

"When Columbus City Schools teacher Will Davis saw a student peel the cheese off his lunchtime pizza and put it in his pocket, he asked the youngster what he was doing."

Read the full Columbus Parent article here:


Good Day Columbus: Buddy Bags with Kari Vernon

Good Day Columbus (WTTE Fox 28) makes Buddy Bags!

Follow the link to watch the video.


cBus Mom Community Spotlight: Kari Vernon

"There are so many incredible people living in Columbus, Ohio. We see many of them chatted about on social media, the news outlets both print and television, but what about our every day people? The people doing extraordinary things each and every day who do not get recognized like they should be recognized?"

Read the full cBus Mom blog post: