Day 1: "Knowing that we can get that extra help, it is satisfying to us." Sponsored by: FCBank

Day 2: "People care about you, they know what you're going through, and they care to help you." Sponsored by: Columbia Gas of Ohio

Day 3: "They're worried about where their next meal is going to come from, and so that prevents them from learning." Sponsored by: Varckette Family Chiropractic

Day 4: "If you are always thinking about food, it is hard to think about other aspects of life." Sponsored by: Ameriprise Financial

Day 5: "A lot of times if people go through this and a lot of other people help them, it will create a lasting impact." Sponsored by: The Closser Family

Day 6: "It makes me have that feeling in my heart that you just feel great about helping other people." Sponsored by: Faulkner Realty Group

Day 7: "People care about them, and they care that they get them stuff to eat." Sponsored by: Black Tie Moving

Day 8: “Knowing that someone is thinking of you and supporting you, and cares enough to help you with your problems is important.” Sponsored by: The Hosty Family AND Cleverley + Associates 

Day 9: “If one person helps, then other people might start helping.” Sponsored by: The 143 Group

Day 10: “It is really important because there are people out there struggling and we are here in our homes having food and water, and they don’t have that.” Sponsored by: 614 Church

Day 11: “I couldn’t imagine walking home from school being hungry and there is nothing for me to eat.” Sponsored by: David Arocho at Prime Lending

Day 12: “We take a lot of things for granted, and I think it is a lot better to help a lot of people that don’t have what we have.”

Thank you to our sponsors for their support!!