Stories from those directly impacted by the Buddy Box Program

Each of our stories is from a child, or educator, directly impacted by the Buddy Box program. Hear how your donation can make a big difference in the life of a hungry child.

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DAY 1:"A student would take his cheese pizza at lunch, pull the cheese off his pizza and stick it in his pocket to take home for dinner that night." -William Davis, Teacher, Columbus City Schools.

DAY 4: "I don't think they know that the feeling is called shame, but they are afraid and they feel embarrassed because they don't have food." - Melissa Best, 2nd Grade Teacher, Worthington Schools.

DAY 7: "So many of our students end up fending for themselves." -Shannon Wealther, Community in Schools.


DAY 10: "Hunger...It is difficult to realize it’s in our own backyard. But it is." -Jenny Wielinski, Principal, Worthington Schools.


Day 12 (part 2): "I like your granola bars and my dad likes your carrots and my baby sister likes the fruit can that you gave me. So thank you very, very, very much!" - 5th grade student.

DAY 2: "With these bags the kids are able to feed themselves." -Jessica Waddell, Principal, Columbus City Schools.


DAY 5: "If I can help them feel better about themselves, I'd try." -Fred Coons, Volunteer, Columbus City Schools.



DAY 8: "I know how I feel when I’m hungry. I can’t think right. I just can’t." - Rachel Fuller, Reading Specialist, Worthington Schools.


Day 11: "These kids should have food to eat. I don’t know how they can make it through the day without any food to eat." - Kathy Schmidt, FMF Volunteer.

DAY 3: "Thank you for being my buddy who gives me a bag full of food." -5th Grade Student.


DAY 6: "I like your food because I can make it by myself." -3rd Grade Student.



DAY 9: "Me and my family enjoyed all of the food that you have given us."
P.S. Your food is delicious." - 4th Grade Student.


Day 12: "I always made sure I had some food available that I could offer them to help get them through the day." - Trish Laughman, Instructional Coach, Worthington Schools.